Mitto is a global leader in omnichannel communications solutions.Enabling businesses to develop through superior customer interaction technologies and messaging capabilities. Andrea Giacomini (Managing Director) and Ramon Kania make up the Mitto AG management team (Chief Technology Officer).

Andrea Giacomini (CEO) uses his considerable leadership experience in the telecommunications, information technology, and technology industries to guide Mitto’s strategic operations and growth. Before launching Mitto as a leading provider of application-to-person, omnichannel communications solutions for many of the world’s top companies, he was a founding member of a telecom operator in Europe, responsible for the technology rollout and operations launch.

Mitto’s co-founder and Chief Operations Officer is Ilja Gorelik. Ilja has vast expertise in the telecom and social media industries, having led several disruptive firms to success. In his present position, he is in charge of all technical operations, allowing him to put his love for worldwide A2P communications to good use.

Kania, Ramon (CTO), Mitto’s Chief Technology Officer, is in charge of the technology that makes Mitto’s SMS Messaging platform the most dependable and cost-effective in the business. Ramon has been coding since he was 11 years old and has spent decades inventing and building innovative solutions.

Mitto is advancing rapidly by giving access to seven billion individuals around the world. We enable businesses to communicate with their customers in a secure, consistent, and efficient manner. Mitto’s connectivity allows apps to send enterprise-grade SMS. It can be used to send notifications, reminders, invitations, marketing messages, and any other form of short communication. We provide a speedy and dependable service with excellent conversion rates!

They have been facilitating communication since 2013, and have done so from all around the world. What began as a small group of telecoms industry specialists collaborating has developed into a tremendous force of talent that now ensures best-in-class A2P messaging services for the world’s leading companies. Their main objective is to provide businesses and their customers with consistent, high-quality communications. Their staff is given the resources, tools, and freedom to accomplish this.

A growing team of industry specialists delivering best-in-class messaging solutions from 18 different locations across the world. For effective traffic routing, AI-powered, proactive quality + cost analysis in real time is used. A global team of mobile technology professionals is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for speedy resolution and continuous consulting. We’re working to create a future where digital communications are seamless and trusted.



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